• Katie says that she's a choreographer but I consider her more of a magician. She recently worked with my wife and I on our first dance for our wedding and I can't thank her enough. Not only did we have a ball working together, six months later I continue to get rave reviews from friends and family. For anyone who wants to create an unforgettable moment at their wedding, Katie would be the first and only person I would recommend.
  • David Baum
  • When booking our wedding, the one thing I most looked forward to was the first dance with my new husband on the elegant ballroom dance floor at our venue. The dance floor and its overhanging chandelier, romantically lit, could only be complemented with an equally beautiful put together dance! My husband and I had no previous dance skills and, when meeting with Kathleen, she assured us that she could put together anything from a simply choreographed traditional dance to a more advanced dance that wows. More importantly, she assured us that we would have fun, and we did! We provided the song, and Kathleen provided us with many options that fit our comfort level. We learned how to do dips and spins but also how to naturally move across the dance floor. She even taught us some fun moves that we incorporated later in the evening. Her availability, preparedness, and enthusiasm made practicing for the dance fun, which is exactly the low stress situation we needed in the months leading to our wedding. She oftentimes modeled the dance moves for us and worked with us step by step, even on the most basic steps. Her endearing patience and love for dancing make her quite an excellent instructor!
  • Lauren Ritorto
  • The word mediocre is not in Katie's vocabulary. She is a smart, giving partner and choreographer with a passion for movement that is contagious. I am always honored to dance her work.
  • Brian Letendre
  • Katie is an absolute professional. She came to every rehearsal with a vision, passion and drive to create movements that helped us look our best. Her love of dance and her ability to teach continue to inspire me today.
  • Rick Folbaum
  • In my more than 20 years of directing musical theater, working with Katie Nanni as a performer and choreographer has been one of my great pleasures. Her boundless energy and insightful creativity are a gift to any director. She is a special talent and a gifted teacher. I only wish that I had more projects to collaborate on with her.
  • Drew Molotsky
  • Katie is a well oil-machine. She is well-organized, collaborative, and meticulous. She has the uncanny ability to take dancers from all levels and with a fine-tooth comb, transform them into Broadway caliber performers.
  • Mark Gelsomini
  • Katie Nanni made me a dancer again. It had been years, and she took what I thought was put away on a shelf and made it fresh and new. She has a true vision and an amazing talent to evolve her work to fit the dancer. Working with her is inspiring, motivating, and an indescribable amount of fun. I am looking for ways to do it again....
  • Alexis Halpern
  • Katie Nanni is a fantastic choreographer. Not only does her choreography have a unique style and flare, but her incredible personality shines through in every move she creates. She is a passionate, dedicated, gifted artist.
  • Catherine Brunell
  • I have had the privelege of working with Katie both as a choreographer and as a dance teacher. Her choreography is fresh, sexy, creative and a blast to dance to. I was probably one of the least advanced dancers in the room and yet her choreography showed me off to my absolute best. AND her demeanor and attitude were always encouraging. She is a joy to work with and to dance for. In addition she consistently gives a ballet barre warmup prior to the nightly curtain at Mary Poppins. She is truly dedicated to this process and choreographs a different barre routine daily. This requires passion, creativity and genuine care for the other members of her company, which she undeniably has. As a member of the company I looked
    forward to this nightly ritual and am so grateful to Katie for this!
  • Jennifer Taylor
  • Rarely does a dancer and choreographer shine the way Katie Nanni does. As a dancer you can't take your eyes off her onstage and her talent is a direct line to her choreography. Her work is a dancer's dream to perform! The love she displays through her teaching and her art make her a force in this industry. Everyone would be lucky to
    be graced with her talents onstage and off!
  • Brittany Marcin
  • I have known Katie for 3 years now, working in the same show together....she an EXCEPTIONAL dancer. But for me, its of course much more than that! A few years ago Katie choreographed a piece for a Broadway Cares benefit that I could be a part of as an actor who dances, when everyone else involved was a proficient dancer. She not only made me feel included, but needed and necessary. The piece was beautiful. Katie has also been teaching me through daily ballet barre warm ups. I've been taking class from Katie for almost a year now and my skills have honestly improved more than I could have ever thought possible. I feel like a dancer now. Now, when I go to dance call backs I am more confident than ever before! Thank you Miss Katie, you're changing my life!
  • Elizabeth Derosa
  • Katie's talent, energy, and enthusiasm make her a choreographer anyone would want to work with again and again.
  • Colby Lindeman
  • Kathleen Nanni is that rare breed of entertainer who is equally matched with both exquisite technique and dynamic performance abilities. She is a star whose light shines brighter than anyone else around her on stage; you simply can't take your eyes off of her. Even finer, she is a true professional with a benevolent disposition. It's always my true honor and good fortune to work with her; I could not recommend her more highly.
  • Jim Cooney