As an experienced dance instructor I firmly believe that I can teach anyone how to dance. I strive to make my classes contain the perfect balance between discipline and fun. Dance is an art to be revered and respected which I want students to experience for themselves through the joy it can bring.

My experience teaching has led me from countless studios in New Jersey to the Mecca of American dance when I was asked to be an instructor in the Broadway Series at Broadway Dance Center. I’m comfortable teaching and have taught all levels of dancers, from first time beginners to Broadway stars!

Ballet will always be at the core of what I teach. Technique is involved in movement no matter what level or style of dance. However people who are not advanced ballerinas need not worry, I take the time to help people less familiar with ballet understand and appreciate these principles.

The dance class room is an almost sacred place to me and I treat it with utmost respect. I stop at nothing to create a positive and supportive environment in class. It is of utmost importance that students feel free to move without fear of judgment in a class. Nothing thrills me more than seeing students respond and grow with a teacher and fellow students who encourage them to succeed.

Everyone’s facility is different and needs to be respected. It also needs to be pushed to healthy limits in order to encourage growth. I have a great awareness of people’s limits and never push anyone beyond their safety zone. I have personally experienced teachers who drove me in unhealthy directions as well as those who have motivated me positively. From these experiences I have developed a great balance to encourage and motivate students without pushing too hard.

I am available to choreograph for dance companies, competition, recitals and more, as well as teaching master classes and private lessons. Please take a moment to read through the following master class options that I offer as my specialty classes. If you have a customized class idea or preferences for music, please let me know in advance and I will be happy to cater the class to your needs!

At the end of the day, I love to have fun. Dance is a celebration of life! The joys of dance are boundless and class is a place where we can be free of our concerns. I very sincerely hope to share the floor with you soon! Merde!


  • Incorporate yoga, ballet, classic jazz, deep breathing and experiences from my own physical therapy training to warm the body progressively.
  • Warm up lasts approximately half hour.
  • I'm very thorough ensuring that all parts of the body are ready for movement.

Ballet | Pointe

  • I am trained in the Balanchine technique. Class will begin with a barre. At the beginning of class I do not push the body at all. I have an awareness of the many bad habits some instructors instill in their students so we start gently and gradually progress to harder exercises.
  • After completing the barre, we will do adagio in which I incorporate my choreographic flair to make the class more interesting.
  • From there, we will do petit allegro or small jumps.
  • Pirouettes.
  • Across the floor exercises, usually a grand allegro.
  • Always the class will finish with reverence; a breathing cool down.
  • I have a passion for big band and jazz standards. I love to incorporate that music for ballet class instead of classical.


  • Start with a technical warm up no matter whether the combo is class jazz or hip-hop.
  • After a warm-up, we will do across the floor exercises, in which I creatively combine good technique and fun styles!
  • I stress across the floor to reinforce good habits as well as technical nuances
  • Short combination in which I'll always divide the class into groups to watch each other. In watching other dancers I find you learn more about yourself as well as how to support other people finding the movement within.
  • Again, I support a very supportive environment in my class.
  • The combination will always be eclectic. I enjoy setting combos to hip-hop hits as well as jazz standards.


  • I try to fuse my experiences from the ballet world with expressive jazz techniques to create an organic language of movement that you will feel emanating from your core.
  • Technical warm up that focuses on the breath and connection to the ground.
  • Creative exploration intended to open dancers' minds and increase their awareness of movement through the space.
  • Across the floor exercises which help to bridge the gap between the breath intensive warm up and the more styled choreographic patterns.
  • We'll do a short combo that will tie all elements from the class together!

Musical Theatre

  • I always sit down with students from the outset and talk about the importance of all elements that are combined in the musical theatre genre.
  • With musical theatre dance, although technique is obviously important, it is always more important to convey the story of the dance. I make sure to stress this to students from the start, and explain the given situation the dance occurs within.
  • Each individual must bring themselves to the dance, and make sure to incorporate their own choices into the choreography. This is a large part of the class: improvising and being open to explore their own point of view.
  • Can teach anything from shows on my resume upon request.


  • Extensive experience with partnering in all dance styles.
  • Class needs to be customized based on need, so please feel free to contact me and we’ll build a class together for you!


  • An extended version of my warm up that focuses on increasing flexibility.
  • Aims to strengthen the core of the body through yoga-based practice.
  • I play music that is intended to both relax the mind while motivating your soul.